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Speaker / Poster Instructions

Speaker instructions

Speaker instructions, <20130527 LuWQ2013 instructions for ORAL presenters v4>, as distributed to participants on May 30, 2013.

Regular oral presentations:
15 minutes (maximum 12 minutes presentation, 2 minutes for discussion/questions)

Extended regular oral presentations:
20 minutes (maximum 17 minutes presentation, 2 minutes for discussion/questions)

Invited oral presentations:
30 minutes (maximum 24 minutes presentation, 5 minutes for discussion/questions)

You can find the time allocated for your presentation (15, 20 or 30 minutes) on the web page Conference Programme
( Click there for the Preliminary Conference Programme.

PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines

The following guidelines may be helpful for you to prepare an attractive presentation:

The key points for your care are:
- that you do not put too much information on a slide,
- that you use a big enough font to make your slides well readible, and, finally,
- that you do not use too many slides, in other words that you spend enough presentation time for each slide. A rule seems to be that, as an average over the entire presentation time, one should devote about one minute per slide.

If only for fun, we also suggest that you view the following:

Poster instructions

Poster instructions, 20130527 LuWQ2013 instructions for POSTER presenters v4, as distributed to participants on May 30, 2013. 

Size of posters: maximum size is A0 (width about 0.90 m, height about 1.20 m)
Total space provision: space for one poster sheet for each allocated poster presentation
How shall they be hung: in vertical (portrait) direction
Format? No specific format for poster layout (structure, content) is prescribed




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