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Registration for the LuWQ2013 conference comprises the following steps:
1. Filling out online a Registration Form. In addition to your contact info and specification of the registration fee, you can also register an accompanying person, and register for a field excursion.
2. Your data is sent to us through a secured server. The information you provide will be treated confidentially, with the exception of Name, Surname, Organisation/Company, City, and Country, which will be published in the List of Participants, available at registration.   
3. After you have submitted electronically the completed Registration Form,

a message appears on your screen, and 
you will receive an email with confirmation of your registration, obviously if you have specified your email correctly

If you do not receive an email, please contact the Conference Secretariat at Klinkhamer Conference Management, phone: +31-43-3627008 or email:
4. The confirmation email also includes instructions for payment, namely:

- Within three working days you will receive an invoice. Your registration is complete when the payment has been received.
- The invoice provides information necessary for your payment.
The payment can be done by bank transfer only (no credit card payments).
The payment of the early fee must be received Friday 22 February 2013 at the latest, otherwise late fee applies automatically.

5. You have to make the bank transfer payment of the required amount. Your registration is final after the payment has been received.

6. In view of the deadline Friday 15 February 2013 for early fee registration, it is required that the payment of early fee has been received on the conference bank account on Friday 22 February 2013 at the latest, otherwise the late fee applies automatically.  

Click here to proceed to the Registration Form. 

For questions regarding the registration, accommodation, travel and other logistics related to attending the conference, please contact the Conference Secretariat:

Klinkhamer Conference Management bv
T +31 (0)43-36 27 008




Scientific sponsors and institutional supporters:



Contact the conference secretariat
Klinkhamer Conference Management
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T +31 (0)43-36 27 008
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