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Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is now open,
Submission closes: 20 October, 2012. Late abstract submission in principle only for posters
Abstract submission extended till Wednesday 24 October 2012

Maximum length of abstract is 3000 characters, this is about 400 words or approximately half of an A4 page, in English.

After submitting the abstract (pressing the button Submit), you should receive a notification of the abstract submission. If you do not receive this notification email, please contact immediately the Organising Committee, Dico Fraters ( ) and Karel Kovar ( ).

It may take a little while before your system responds to pressing the Submit button. PLEASE DO NOT PRESS the Submit button AGAIN, because it will result in a resubmission of your abstract.

At the bottom of this page, before you press Submit, you will have to insert an authorisation code in order to activate your abstract submission.

Abstract Submission Form

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Part II: Abstract
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Examples Layout Authors/addresses

Include also the name of the submitting author! Otherwise the name will not appear in the Conference programme.

Conference Themes *
[A] Research for increasing system knowledge: understanding and modelling the hydro(geo)logical, geochemical and biochemical reality

[B] Impact of climate change and weather variability on groundwater and surface water quality: how to incorporate in Programmes of Measures

[C] Assessment of effects of Programmes of Measures on water quality on a regional and national scale: monitoring and modelling changes in water quality

[D] Field research & modelling for quantifying effects of farming practices and changes in land use

[E] Monitoring, modelling and management of water quality in protected areas:

[F] Decision-making on Programmes of Measures: role of policy, stakeholders and science

[G] Implementation of Programmes of Measures: social and economic incentives and constraints (carrots and sticks)

Core text of the abstract, max. about 400 words, 3000 chars, about half A4 page *

The core text should NOT include the NAME and ADDRESS of submitting authors!

Presentation mode *
oral presentation, poster possible
oral presentation only
poster presentation only
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  Authorisation; before submitting, write the characters (A, B, etc.) and numbers (1,2, etc.) as you see them in the image, to the field below:




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